Verification of endometrial cancer biomarkers 

Collaborative project with Drs. Colas & Gil group from Vall dHebron Research Institute (VHIR) in Barcelona, Spain

Endometrial cancer (EC) is the fourth most common cancer in women in developed countries. Current diagnosis of EC relies on the pathological examination of cells present in a biopsy that is preferably obtained through the minimally invasive aspiration of endometrial fluid (uterine aspirate). However, two important clinical issues remain unmet in this process. Firstly, diagnosis based on uterine aspirate samples is associated with a 22% rate of diagnostic failure due to insufficient cells in the sample. Secondly, there is a 50% rate of incorrect identification of the histological type and grade of the tumor, which is crucial to define the extent of the surgical treatment required.

The aim of this project was to use the liquid fraction of patient-derived uterine aspirates to identify protein biomarkers, and therefore improve the diagnosis of EC.

We developed and implemented an innovative targeted proteomics assay (LC-PRM) to systematically quantify 52 potential protein biomarkers in the liquid fraction of 156 uterine aspirate samples. The results led to the development of a 2-protein panel able to correctly diagnose 100% of patients using this minimally invasive clinical sample; and a 3-protein panel able to improve the classification of the tumor type.

This is a perfect example of how targeted proteomics can achieve accurate quantification of 30-100 biomarker candidates from a large cohort of patients with high sensitivity, selectivity, and without missing values.


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