Extending the limits of targeted proteomics with prm-PASEF

prm-PASEF is a new targeted proteomics acquisition method that fully exploits the ion mobility and the high resolution of the TIMS-TOFpro mass spectrometer.

Multiple peptides can be sequentially measured from a single ion mobility scan without compromising the sensitivity. The prm-PASEF method dramatically increases the multiplexing capability allowing for the accurate quantification of up to 400 targeted peptides in 20 min liquid chromatography separation.

We established limits of quantification down to the low attomole in serum and cell lysate samples using AQUA peptides. We applied the prm-PASEF for the fast screening (10 min) of the major G12 Ras mutants in cancer cell lines.

The new method has been implemented in a joint initiative with Bruker Daltonics and Gunnar Dittmar CELLProt laboratory.





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