Targeted proteomics is a quantitative method that can achieve a superior sensitivity and accuracy with no missed values. It applies to a limited number of quantified peptides of interest, usually 100-200 peptides per analysis. Relative (fold change) and absolute (concentration) quantification can be performed by using synthetic isotope labeled peptides as internal standards.

We exclusively use Parrallel Reaction Monitoring (PRM) acquistion mode for unmatched selectivity and sensitivity.









Fast-UHPLC (10 to 15min per sample)


Standard gradient (1.5H per sample)



Relative or absolute


Relative or absolute

Mass spectrometer


Q Exactive HF


Q Exactive plus
Q Exactive HF

Number of peptides*


Up to 20


Up to 100-200



Validation of potential proteins in large cohort


Verification of a selected protein list

* max number depends on the separation of peptides across the chromatogram 


Applications that requires precise and (absolute) quantification

• Protein biomarker development (verification, validation)
• Stoichiometric ratio of PTMs, mutations, protein complexes
• Kinetics studies